As long as we people are chasing time and target, we go beyond ourselves and forget to live NOW. Everything is relation, independence is an illusion. Everything affects everything as part of a whole, like a wave that appears and disappears in the sea. Self-realisation is a process to get to know yourself and understand. How restless and stormy the ocean on the surface may be, in the depth it's always peaceful and that's the way it is with us.

Surrounded by dolphins and whales we learn to do nothing, in total surrender,from the acceptance of ourselves, in Love as the noblest and most subtle expression of our emotions.

A chain of spontaneous happenings I can just look at, going from the silent observer in myself. Experiences are a splendid gift of the universe, they give us the power to go on, but the understanding of the Self goes beyond that. Ultimately experiences have their limits, like all information that reaches us from the outside world they are also coloured by others. The ultimate way to liberation is in ourselves and goes beyond any experience.
The true information is to be found in our own authentic way of being, as building blocks for the creative process of completeness and self-realisation within our own nature. The way only becomes the way if we have grown into it ourselves and act according to our intuition, which is the sum of our inner experiences.

All images are obstacles to become the mystery and to rediscover that a flower is a flower, a bird a bird, a dolphin a dolphin, only to exist.

Thanks, dear angels of the oceans, for all the beautiful and the dear you have given me, for the insight and the Love, the recognition, the light and the Joy I could and can live with you.

In truth, simplicity and love,


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