A joyful being, that you have nothing to fear,
is always ready, as an ideal playmate,
or a nice companion, both in seriousness and play.
Energetic so subtle, especially touches your heart and soul.
Suddenly a miracle happens, only now you're really special!
It is good to a dolphin to be.

© L.V.

Dear Ocean,

Since I know you and the dolphins, so much has happened within me. A total change, a transformation that has changed my life.
I am a totally different person and I truly feel reborn.

I know joy in my life now and enjoy every moment fully. It's like a child, that child may never be back playing shows. One child enjoy the game of life itself. A child now grown up but still not lose that playfulness. I have the pleasure to know myself for what I am and should be.

Thank you for the warm re-discover them.


So - who are the dolphins ?

Consiousness gave birth to creatures who flow without ego, without resistence. It is the divine design that they carry heart energy for Gaia as the oceans envelope her - And the water rises into the sky And the sky shows us rainbows And the rainbows promise our self-made storms soon over And the promise unites humankind as souls to the spirit which is God. And God is Love - the Mighty and Gracious I am presence. So - Our dolphins are Us. And we are they - as on land we are souls As on the seas they are souls So - we are one. We dance swim breathe and love together !

This is the vision Dear to us as Ocean beloved !


I have experience that dolphins loving messengers. Two beautiful dolphins with little between them, told me that a tiny baby to the dolphin swim is the heart of my dearest son. The next day I received confirmation from the home front the news was true. What a joy dolphin.


Dear Ocean,

You've found your calling and who accomplishes a great way! Thank you! Words are too limited to describe this inner journey, but I think the title of the magazine where I found your information: BLISS

The card I pulled today so beautifully put into words what I feel I have a piece of writing about "The One": As Corbin Harney, a method of Western Shoshone Indians says: "We are all sharing this one earth, water, and this one single air ". "The One" is one foundation of all the diversity in cultures and religions in the world. "The One" is that which is universal truth, the philosophical value of love, kindness, sharing and helping. Prayer and devotion to higher ideals and that which is holy, is the root of all world religions. The dolphins that we want the differences between people of different races, cultures and religions, aside and embrace That which is the same for us all, the unity of life that connects us all to a large living organism. The dolphins that we want unity healthy again, like it was intended. It is now time to stop nuclear tests, wars, strife, family quarrels, violence, exploitation, intolerance, fear and criticism. It is time to heal ourselves, so that new, positive, leading to happiness properties that defeatist attitude, which is against our unity and making this beautiful planet Earth remains a belligerent, in their place.

With love from Tabitha

A blissful experience of God. More than you could ever dream.


As I say everything is better with a poem, I have my whole inner poetic experience trying to express with the dolphins at its center.


Transformational light surrounds me in the silence of playing the loving song. My heart is filled with pure pure love. Joy flows from the soil by the roots in my head, mingling with horizon horizon. Thanks for your beloved dolphins unity of wisdom, understanding and love. Thanks for the transformation, the rebirth of my soul.


Dear Ocean,

You do your name. Your youthful enthusiasm, your appearance, your strength, your femininity, what a glory to full drafts to enjoy! I did. Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring occasion: this place deserves your passion and concern for humans and animals, land and sea at all levels to function in harmony. We stand behind you, along with the Ascended Masters and that promises success! Carry on, you're beautiful to see in your authenticity. I see something very special creation, the group that you were attracted to a delightful game for inspiring activities can flourish here .. Thank you dolphins, thanks to you for opening our awareness of dolphins and I love working with you, when the opportunity arises. Lots of love and light


Dolphins-addiction! What can you do? Get flu ... and 2 days in a "cave" to crawl the fever something to temper .. Suddenly the big water to be found. The joy of life at full load ... Thank you to blow Ocean for this adventure in my life.

Warm fresh hug,



This is the greatest gift that I myself have ever been awarded. Now comes a certain sadness over me, knowing that soon I will have to miss. The warmth of the group, the love that thrilled subtly, the playfulness and tenderness of the dolphins. I try to comfort me with the idea that nothing will be the same and that this is the start of something bigger will be. Thank you for this have made me possible. I wish you much love and success. A big kiss from a crazy swimmer.


Dear Ocean,

Another thanks from me. It was an adventure never to forget. Not only the dolphins, but everything around it exceeded my expectations, which I already mentioned at the final sharing moment. It felt so good to be there and share everything with all of you. You are a fantastic person and I'm glad I got to know you. It made me very happy Myrthe could stay another week with you.

Kiss, Joan.

Dear Ocean,

Thank you very much, you were like a mother to my daughter! I felt that warmth when she came home and told me about you She's had a fantastic second week and besides the dolphins she also met herself. I hope life will become easier for her and enables her to make the choices that make her get on in the world but also keep her true to herself. I often notice that Myrthe stands close to nature, I hope she'll get the chance to give it a place in her life. As you say she's developed a close bond with the dolphins. There's no regret whatsoever about making this trip, according to the cards Cecil had laid, all this was predestined and I believe it.
My bond with Myrthe has grown stronger, and I have the feeling it was you who strengthened it. Ocean, you have a place in my heart.

Big kiss, Joan.

Dear Ocean,

I get tears in my eyes as I read your mail! How good it feels the trust we have in one another.
I hope we meet again soon.

Kiss, Joan

Dear Ocean,

What a beauty you are! So rich and so modest.
I'm so grateful to have met you, to have got to know you,
to have shared your life.

And I'm so thankful I could make this indescribably fantastic trip with you
and the rest of the group. I feel so intensely happy, so peaceful and drenched with love.
My heart has grown five times its size.
From now on my life will be split in before and after the trip.
That's how it is. I could never have dreamed that in one week I would live
such intense feelings and emotions, with such impact on my total being.
When I went to the baker's yesterday it struck me that people looked at me
and smiled spontaneously( normally I only meet gruff faces).
Later at the office three colleagues of mine spontaneously wanted to hug me.

So beautiful!

I told them about my experiences. One of them got the shivers,
another one got tears in her eyes and the third one is considering
to sign up for the next trip with her friend.
They thanked me for the love and peace I gave them.
It's so tangible what this trip did to me, they said, all moved.
What an experience!

I feel chosen to spread this unconditional love from the heart, as you said. I'll do it.
I can't thank you enough for all the gifts that crossed my path, just like that, this last week.
I was clearly ready for it.

Thank you Ocean!
Love, Tanja

Dear Ocean, Maprem or what you want,

It was a blessed journey, which invariably ended up in my top 3! It was like I really came home when I saw the pod of dolphins for the first time (back) did. When I think I get all warm inside and my heart jumps in my chest! I never expected much. I was really back to my "soul buddies. I do not think it will be the last time that I am among them, or that I do sincerely hope! It was also blessed to 2 "dolphin friends" have, together we have a lot of fun! We even have a name for the three of us found: the "delighted subtly"! Because we feel so ... I am very pleased and grateful that we were with you, and I wish you much joy, love, and strength in your undertakings and projects! So, UNTIL we meet again, I say! Hopefully soon,

Big sweet hug,


It has been a very special week to me,
full of dolphins, warmth, sociability and romanticism.
Thanks for everything,

Love Petra

Hello Ocean, hello Red Sea, hello dolphins,

We came home safely! Literally drowsy! Now back to “normal” life. When I think about our mornings, taking a dive or swimming with the dolphins, it seems very cold here and far from nature. Funny though, it doesn’t really bother us, after this week we’ve got enough sun, moon and stars in ourselves; the experiences with the dolphins have captured us forever.

Thanks for a lovely week,
Love, Nyncke

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, what a sweetie,

It seems Saint Nicholas was here, life is wonderful, isn't it?
I'm in bed, resting, enjoying. In the mean time I've turned on the washing machine. I've lit the open fire. I'm home alone, enjoying to mess around and taking a rest now and then.
My sweet girl, it's so clear to me what's going on.
Everybody tells me I look ten years younger. They don't understand what a transformation I've been through, and still. I'm also losing weight. Finally back to the "real" Ingrid.
It's normal I still suffer from ailments, anyhow I've got CVS, intestinal syndrome and I'm recovering from a broken vertebra and rehabilitation from the operation. After all I think I did well.

I can only shout with joy like our cook on the boat: "Ocean, I'm happy".
Once again I want to thank you, to let met taste from it. You have been the link in my life who set going a healing process from grief and pain. I'll never forget it. You have a special place in my heart, dear Ocean.

Greetings from the heart,
Ingrid Verellen

A beautiful dream began with a nightmare!

There were some dolphins and our zodiac (rubber boat) went towards them.
We went at 2 people in the water and we were accepted in the pod of dolphins. I felt myself like a dolphin, my heart was in oneness with the Dolphins. Nobody can imagine what I felt when my sister Sarah saved me when a big boat arrived and everyone on the side pushed with amazing loud horns..

I was furious. They did not even looked where they sailed! The very worst was yet to come. I was again accepted in the group of dolphins as one of them who swam away from the huge boat ! I suddenly I was really annoyed from the noise of zodiacs who drove so fast as they could. I thought "The dolphins hear so much better than us, that should be terrible!"

I looked up and saw seven zodiacs and also the big boat. "El Amere Angham" I looked behind me and saw an army of snorkelers behind the Dolphins swimming very fast as they were hunting at them. I could barely breathing and realized how stifling it must be to be there as a dolphin.
They swam farther and we swam also back to our zodiac.

I did not wanted to stay one minute longer in this bedlam. I looked at the big boat and saw at least 20 people plunged into the water. It looked like a war against the Dolphins or a hunting. Thanks Ocean I had learned exactly the right way how to approach the dolphins from her. Later, because of this way I had wonderful moments with the dolphins, who spontaneously came to us in quieter places in quiet moments. So I could still handle the nightmare and live my dream.

Hanne Windels

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