My Poems

Recognition in the appearance of your being,
a mirror of the universe you are
bathed in the atmosphere of your warmth,
I see you blinding light,
to feel in the depths of my being,
the finest vibration of your presence.
Your heart beating in mine
to be together as one.


In the depths of my heart, I hear the song of sorrow.
The end and a new beginning,
the beauty and glow of the sun going down.
I will never forget you "Light Bearer of the Lord"
that brought me again and again,
for me to awaken and to stop fighting,
to live and to be, in sun and moonlight.

Swimming is dissipated in sleep thrashing water,
is loving in every pore still usable,
is being endlessly free and internal prevail.

And swimming is loneliness touching with fingers,
with arms and legs telling the ancient secrets
to the always all understanding water.

I must confess that I am crazy of the water.
Because I breathe water in the water
in the water I become a creator who embraces his creator,
and in the water one can never be completely alone
and yet remain lonesome
Swimming is being almost holy.

Paul Snoeck

Ode to the Sun

The celestial roof slides open and in my earthly cradle,
I can behold your divine eye.
Sun O dear mother, thou who irradiates my body with your
brand of heat and power,
can I thank you with a song
for your eternal beauty.
Thou who connect with the earth
and nourishes our bodies.
O Mother Sun, reflection of the spirit,
Point of light of the father,
Can I ask your forgiveness
for the ignorance of the human child
allow my body to merge with your radiation
in love for the all enriching mind.
As my body lives through you,
I live by him who lets me feel the eternity
of being.


You are to me an open portal,
I may go through,
merge with the all.

The caress of the breath of life I can feel
And I can bask in the quiet strength,
in Loves presence.

Love is your name, and space is your place.

You are for me,
a stream of joy
that I embrace in you,

Life itself that manifests itself through you
and all that is not digested,
swimming in your ocean of Light and Play,
In the space of the Self.
A Meeting with the ALL

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