Dolphins Dolphins and whales in the new age!

Dolphins and whales are increasingly present in the field of human beings to assist us in regaining our balance in this new age, to awake the ancient knowledge in our heart. Because of their overall awareness and immense impulse of joy, light and playfulness, they let us see how we can embrace our fears, dark sides, financial limitations, ignorance, misinterpretations and attachments to the world based on illusions, and help to release them. This flowing message of joy, light and play is contagious! These beloved creatures are great teachers of liquid light, fluid intelligence and universal mastery. Nothing stays the same forever, all is illusion in this material non-permanent world. We are spiritual beings to learn, to live and enjoy in this temporary world we call home, everything seems to flow into the blessing of life.

Our only responsibility in this wonderful universe is to be who we really are, joy, peace and love in a stream of liquid light and absolute mercy of every unique moment containing eternity itself. Dolphins are the ultimate example. If we focus on this we discover the endless possibilities that surround us in every moment. The holy time is standing still for us, the gate of consciousness leads us to purify and go back into balance - withdraw everything into our bodies, our emotions, sexuality, thinking, psyche and our spiritual body into alignment in total love, mastery collaborating with the universal flow. Everyone is a creator of this reality, the process is the creation of this unfolding itself in the material world.
Enjoy everything in full consciousness, the blessing of creation, illusion, shadow or light, in reality it is all the same. No separation unless you choose ... it's a privilege to be able to go in the depth of your soul and to spend time with yourself to rejuvenate, renew, and remember to be crystal clear. Whales and dolphins carry their magnetic field directly to us and certainly we will heal and purifiy into new possibilities and discover our beautiful blue planet we live on by their frequency.

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