The Doors to Liberation

The Doors to Liberation

I sat on the boat, the boat of love, energy and the liberation of yourself, the boat where everyone loves you for who you are, anyone who gives you power.

When I got there so suddenly I saw the angels of the sea, they were playing together in their normal way but for us so special.

I was so attracted by the dolphins as they felt the special jumps made for me to call. I never looked back and went into the water. At the first contact with the water I felt myself already changing. My body was calm and fine. I heard the power of all the dolphins, the sound went right through me. It came on all areas of my body a warm feeling through me.

A moment later I saw the first all dolphins, 2 pcs a mother dolphin and baby dolphin. She stopped swimming and looked like very deep to me, it felt like I came home to myself. I swam with them to enjoy their family 8 pieces to be exact! They were all so happy to see me, I was equal in the group home!

1 dolphin came right up to me whether I swim first looked into the eyes then he looked into my heart to my love. and then to both lungs, first to my left lung and then to my right lung. I felt like how my lungs grew stronger and got love they needed. The dolphin was lying here with me and went away at the right time.

I felt my lungs open. I was freed from all the misery I had. All drugs that my lungs had weakened in recent years. My lungs were filled with love and strength, my lungs were protected by the dolphins. It was magical how dolphins can relieve you of a disease.

After this beautiful lighting in the magical world of the sea, there was a small dolphin were swimming, he remained very close to me are against me and almost came. I would not touch this little dolphin out of respect for the angels of the sea. But when his tail against my hand almost got it done in a spontaneous movement.

The dolphins were swimming past me 1 more time and then they took leave of me, I was left alone in a beautiful ocean of love. A healing for life.

The liberation of yourself!
The angels of the sea!


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