Swimming with Dolphins

Why Swim with Free Dolphins?

Water neutralises gravity laws and helps you to relax and take away stress. While swimming in the sea you can gather a lot of energy, especially in areas where dolphins are numerous, because of the magnetic field strength of these places. While swimming with dolphins you experience the same physiological changes as when in deep meditation.

Dolphins stimulate and restore our natural balance, which is necessary to be able to live healthfully.
They approach human beings because they themselves want it, they are pure channels from a higher level and succeed in one or other way to register faultlessly the physical and psychological condition of their co-swimmer.
They attune to our original frequency and thus open the right door to ourselves, to get ourselves closer to our true self. According to me it is our duty here on earth, to cultivate the language of the heart, of which dolphins hold the ultimate key.
They take us to the real silence, in which the language of the heart can be experienced and thus take us back to a life of

"Truth, Simplicity and Love"

as unique reality
Dolphins are so to speak a living library of concentrated energy, where information from the past, the present and the future is stored, to transfer this knowledge directly to the heart of the person. Their unconditional love has a curing effect on people and stimulates our immunity system. Therefore it is not amazing that dolphins possess the power to heal. Conditional love can be the cause of depressions, makes people uncertain and more susceptible to emotional manipulation. Dolphins have a strong influence emotionally and are catalysts to get over traumas.

Every meeting with dolphins is a special experience. In their proximity you realise there is no "me", no "him", there is only Unity. The reflection of yourself in them enables you to open yourself and love any way of life from a childlike freedom. Swimming with them sets you free in full acceptation of yourself, you can fully be who you are. The more I get into contact with dolphins, the more they show me the way to disclosure, self-knowledge and as such to my (our) origin. Even if I try to change direction and go inland, I'm drawn back to the ocean, again and again. More than once, I've been told to be a dolphin, so I'm starting to believe it myself. Life surely gave me the wrong coat when I was born. Dolphins help us to grow, a dance in the light, in an atmosphere of joy and playfulness. In short, it's an experience that changes your life !


Swimming with Dolphins - video

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