Letter Hilde

Being involved in establishing Dolphin Global Trust, I would like to express my feelings about the whole project. There are so many beautiful and powerful initiatives taken lately, so many really splendid ideas outspoken. I would like to add my concern and ambition to it.

People who had close encounters with the dolphins, carry these experience as a precious treasure. So do I. I had the privilege to meet the dolphins several times. They touched my heart and soul. I could experience the immense influence they’ve got on human beings. I could witness how two really depressed teenagers were able to connect with their inner self again after meeting and playing with the dolphins. They found joy and good spirit again, they picked up life, attend school again,…
Nowadays lots of articles and books are published about the positive influence of dolphins on human condition, specially the therapeutic value in treating all kinds of diseases and deviant behaviour of children. But since we also experienced that the dolphins really choose to make contact, we would like to set up a program for new age children. The dolphins can bring so much joy, love and happiness to all of us.

In Love


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