Healing Power of Dolphins

Concerning: Dolphin - Human Interaction

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

Ocean asked me to write down my findings in casu my very interesting experiences with dolphins and their influence on human beings. This is a matter I do with honour and pleasure.

In our "western" society the number of children with all different kind of difficulties, as school problems, behaviour disorders, depression, anorexia, ADHD, autism, .. is increasing tremendously.
The pressure on families is increasing enormously. Children act like very sensitive barometers. Stress, insecurity caused by divorce of the parents, badgering at school, emotional neglect, violence, .. are some of the causes. The children get aggressive or start refusing all contact with the outside world in order to escape from pressure in family, school or society.
What really is happening is that these children show us the unbalance between feeling and thinking, creativity (which is life fulfilling) and productivity (which is aiming at results as high as possible), authority and love.

Scientists, psychologists, doctors, neurologists now acknowledge that children who are under immense pressure cut off certain parts of the brain.

Dolphins have an enormous developed brain mass. They have the unique ability to react in a very specific way to deviant or psychological disturbed behaviour. Dolphins live in the water, in a world of sound and use an unique instrument: their sonar system. They capture the ill making frequencies and then send impulses that rebalance the psychological disturbance, using the principle of resonance.
Dolphins are capable to open up the closed down part of the brain. They can stimulate the right part of the brain, where the field of sensing is centered, to co-operate with the left part again. Attending several workshops of Ocean, I could witness the process how several children gradually prospered and regained confidence by swimming with dolphins.

With all their joyfulness dolphins stimulate and re-activate the happy feelings inside ourselves. They bring peace and confidence.

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