Dolphins Messengers of Love

It is not difficult to praise the elegance of the dolphins to compose, nor for their intelligence and kindness to our imagination to speak. The mammals are thirty million years older than the man. In Greece, the birthplace of medicine, you will find this truth reflected in myths and legends. The Greeks were the expression of the female dolphins primary elements and we see the strong resemblance between the words Delphin (Dolphin) and delphys (womb).

Dolphins are divine beings, this is communication, easy and fair. They embody what we miss so very dry: freedom, playfulness and love .. Nowadays computers are studies done to develop the ability to create a common language between man and dolphin. The sound vibrations of dolphins is nevertheless higher than in humans.

Scientists have already found that the thalamus gland, a part of the brains, with dolphins is very well developed and as large as in humans. This nucleus receives no stimulation from the outside and you would be called perception. This area is connected with the third eye, seat of higher consciousness.

Dolphins are messengers of love, they lure you from your tent, they reveal your humanity. We support our people wear masks such a force, such a love. It should only be encouraged, waits for it to come to the surface. Dolphins give you that spark. They increase your frequency. According to Ram Dass, a seer from America is the knowledge of Atlantis in their genetic material so committed to this knowledge by giving back to us. According to initiate the star Sirius is the residence where the highest consciousness dwells, before the form on earth and which return to consciousness as it leaves Earth.

This comprehensive awareness is through groups of dolphins and peaceful way for us to send messages to their supernatural abilities. They are our elder brothers, the supervisors of Light who watch over the development in the evolution of our solar system. Dolphins spend our life energy in motion. By right actions and negative thoughts and bad tendencies to purify, we are in line with our Higher Self and we can transform the world's illusion by which we connect back to the Divine truth ... Dolphins are a symbol of the lungs and can affect our breathing.

Some time ago I was handed over a video from two former top employees of NASA. They testified about the existence of UFOs and alien beings, about the frequent contacts that already took place between the army commanders and extraterrestrial beings, the various military inspection took place and that's where the pictures were shown on the contacts with a dolphin-like man mn a human body with a dolfijnenkop . In a Bimini island in the Bahamas located on one of the main thrusts of the earth (the Bermuda Triangle,) are in the ocean around the island still remains the continent of Atlantis: the famous wall of Atlantis by Edgar Cayce predicted 50 years ago and recently rediscovered. Large paving stones you'll find it at the seabed in just 6 to 10 m diepte.Boven this area I have often groups of people to go snorkeling with the magical power of this place to experience. There is also a famous healing spring in the vicinity of the island in the ocean.

Egypt where the mind is revealed in my heart is in my empathic where the dolphins embedded energy is there to open the door in our hearts and so the old wake and know our birthright, a life of "Light and Love "to receive and be what we truly are. Their intelligence observed, it is far from impossible that dolphins are carriers of the master-mind. Just as some of us are.

Dolphins endured well the criteria for "human" to be considered: they are mammals. They give birth and feed young with milk. They breathe air. They take time for recreation. They have humor and creativity. Pairing is for them not only a strictly reproductive mechanism, but also a game.

All findings - and the list could be supplemented generously - that dolphins very human. Dolphins possess qualities we lack: they breathe, but unlike people breathe them randomly. This means that from birth until death should dwell in every breath they give. Something like this creates incredible opportunities, which means that they constantly live in a meditative state. And dolphins sleep, but not as a man. They explain each one half of their brain still, while the other half remains alert. Dolphins have perfect control over the use of both hemispheres. This unprecedented control over their physical being can not but affect their mental capabilities. They call us to further enjoy this earthly existence, both good and bad events in it. Why not enjoy the miracle of our life?

In freedom and joy.


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