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Dolphin trips to Egypt

The planned destination was the area where the dolphins live. There are few places in the world where you get the chance to work with dolphins swimming in the sea. One of those magical places you'll find in the Red Sea in Egypt. During a stay of 6 days on board a yacht you have the opportunity to swim and snorkel among wild dolphins in their own world.

Dolphins embody what we miss so much: freedom, playfulness and joy. They have a healing force: with their sonar, they can detect energetic blockages in humans, and vibrations which emit healing work on our body. Therefore, a special reunion with dolphins experience can change your life.
Usually, the dolphins come several times a day. But they are creatures with free will, which themselves choose to come to us.

How is the atmosphere on such a trip?

The encounter with dolphins in their natural environment is a gift of nature rather than something we can manipulate. The emotional experience resulting from contact with dolphins is very individual. The higher your expectations, the harder it is to get them redeemed. The possibility exists that the dolphins are not interested to swim with us, although this has never happened before. After all they are free creatures.

Both the place I've chosen, the contacts which I have laid and the unique experience that I try to create are the result of years of searching, my passion for nature and spirituality. Which I can only share in an atmosphere of freedom and respect for all. It cannot be imposed, you can only radiate a warmth, focus your senses to receive caring and sharing. Spirituality is also a very individual experience. For some this happens in silence, for others it just to be open, contacts, keypad and seek recognition. Each individual fills it in at their convenience and at their own needs.

Most people I have never met and it always amazed me that so quickly close ties arise. Everyone genuinely respected for the choices they make. They will be very much made for each other in an atmosphere of equality and acceptance. The participants are mostly Belgians and Dutch. Everyone reflects a piece of each other, making us see and enlarged both the confrontation with ourselves and with each participant entering the group.
It is normal especially with the majority taken into account in a democratically inspired group regarding whether to hold a group conversation. Most people have a strong need for attention and recognition of their being, and a great need for privacy or group experience. It is not easy to estimate precisely but most time it is always possible. My travels are mostly driven in a "spontaneous movement of Love"

Life in the world is as a glass half filled with sand, as time goes faster and faster, we are increasingly agitated our glass through which we see all too often troubled waters. What happens on the boat, gradually creates a haven in which the sand comes down at the end of the week, the water become clear again as the symbol for a bright new look to bring our lives back together. From this clarity assume new doors that bring you closer to your true destiny in which you can and should be. A week on a boat is a life changing experience..

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