My first experience with wild dolphins in the ocean in the Bahamas.

The feast started, the dance of joy in deep water. Wild dolphins, playing and romping in the deepblue sea, sometimes for a quarter of an hour, sometimes the whole of midday, rolling and tumbling between the pleats of the water. To make friends with the sea, dolphins coming and going, unimaginable, but every single time as a gift from the ocean. Now a sparkling feast, then a kind of purification, a healing of body and mind. Some participants to the trip found that stubborn ailments, chronic constipation for example, disappeared after a first dive, like snow under the sun.

Sometimes we were surprised by other fish. Small tropical fish came towards us in enormous schools. One day I was right in the middle of such a school, the water was crawling with little yellow fish, and they all turned round me. Some dolphins joined the circling, I was hidden in their whirlpool. The water made a powerful spiral movement, which I was drawn into, away from the boat. At that moment I was no longer conscious of being human, I melted with them, I was completely in their consciousness. I didn't realise anymore that I didn't belong in the water, that I came there by boat.

In Indian culture they attach an enormous value to the symbolism of an animal. Dolphins are a symbol of the lungs, which are the wings of the heart. Dolphins can affect our respiration, I experienced this myself more than once. One day they formed a kind of vacuum round me, I got the feeling that I no longer breathed myself, but was being breathed upon, so I could stay under the water surface much longer. It seemed like eternity and at that moment I was a dolphin….

The next day the visit of the dolphins had lasted very long, so everybody left the water really exhausted after a four hour session of ocean fun with the dolphins. Everybody, except me. I stayed on a raft behind the boat in meditation. I felt something was about to happen, and when I jumped in the water seven dolphins came towards me. The last one of the group was huge, he had half a white, half a black beak, furthermore he was spotted black and white. This wasn't just a dolphin, he performed a kind of ritual, an initiation, which I found out later on and which is described in my historical background.

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Stress in captivity

Although my first experience with dolphins in captivity was a shocking event and I certainly do not deny, I find it unworthy of dolphin in captivity to live, precisely because the dolphins symbol of freedom and independence so strongly represented. In captivity they live an average of only 10 years, compared with 30 to 40 years in the wild. In Sea World in San Diego where big shows to see, you can buy dead fish to feed. In return they have to touch, call it a kind of forced prostitution. Stress is a captive of the impact of the shock they underwent during their abduction from the ocean. Dolphins are manipulated with food to perform tricks, and depending on the tricks they perform are their ration adjusted their free will and broken man. Punishment and reward are the driving force of their existence.
If you would like to know more I can recommend reading the book "Behind the dolphin smile" written by Richard O'Barry, the former trainer of Flipper (Berkley non fiction ISBN 0-425-12902-0)

My first experience in the ocean with wild dolphins in the Bahamas
The festival, the dance of joy began under the water. Wild dolphins, playing and frolicking in a clear blue sea. Sometimes a quarter sometimes an entire afternoon. Roles and tumble into the folds of the water. Friends with the sea. The dolphins came and went. Unbelievable, but every time as a gift from the ocean. Sometimes a scintillating feast, sometimes it felt like a cleansing, a healing of body and mind. Some participants found that the travel persistent ailments, chronic constipation for example, already after the first dive as snow before the sun had disappeared.

Sometimes we were surprised by the visit of other fish. "Small tropical fish were sometimes in huge schools to us. I found myself in as a middle school. The water was teeming with yellow fish, and turned them all around me. Some dolphins started circling them. I was tucked into their vortex. The water made a strong spiral movement in which I was sucked away from the boat. At that moment I noticed human consciousness. I blended the whole, was entirely in their conscious that it escaped me I never belonged in the water that I had come there with a boat.

In the Indian culture is immense value to the symbolism of the animal attached. Dolphins symbolize the lungs. The lungs are the wings of the heart. The dolphins can affect our breathing, which I have often experienced themselves. At one time they formed a sort of vacuum around me and I felt that I was no longer breathing but ventilation, so I stayed much longer under water, it seemed an eternity and at that moment - I was a dolphin ..

The next day was the visit of the dolphins extra long. Everyone left exhausted the water after a session lasting four hours of fun with ocean dolphins. But me, I stayed on the raft behind the boat. in meditation. I felt that something to happen. and when I jumped in the water came to seven dolphins. The last of the group was enormous, and had half white and half black mouths, he was also black and white spotted. This was not just a dolphin, it seemed a kind of ritual, an initiation, which I later learned and described in my history.

The mirror experience

Dolphins even reflect our physical plane. At one time I swam straight down and stayed in headstand on the bottom hung. To my amazement I saw a dolphin beside me in headstand next to me hung.

Another time I thought to myself "give me a kiss" and what happened there, a dolphin came right before my mask hanging and opened his mouth. When the boat was ready to sail away I thought to myself days dear dolphins, it's time to wave and what I saw? A dolphin with its fin on the water began to chatter. Strange but true.

Another time I swam with a girl of 7 years with whales in the deep waters of the Canary Islands. Among us swam a mother whale with her young, we stayed a while to follow them and their movements were the same as ours.

Unconditional trust

If dolphins in the ocean searching for food for themselves, they have the habit of their young babies at an aunt dolphin to leave for a while. At one time I was in the water and swam a mother with a baby to me and then suddenly disappeared into nothing, the baby stood still with me and confident he joined at my side when I met him We swam together and waited for his mother, who 20 minutes later returned to retrieve her young. I felt deeply moved by the confidence that the mother and the baby had in me and accepted me as one of them.

Experience in Costa Rica in a bay along the jungle Cocovada

When I of Panama by boat crossed the water to Costa Rica to withdraw to the jungle, I felt very sad and alone. I sat staring over the water and suddenly noticed that there is a parade of dolphins at a parallel distance of the boat swam towards Costa Rica. I remained unmoved and silent in myself even the joy of seeing my friends dolphin was not there this time. When I arrived in Costa Rica and had found shelter for my body, I just went around tracking the new surroundings. I was informed me and advised me to hire a kayak in the afternoon may be able to see dolphins in the bay. But I wanted to go early in the morning but there was no boat available and according to the information were there morning Never dolphins. Then I met a boy of 14 or one years on the street and asked him whether he had a kayak for the following morning at 6 hours to sail. He was very enthusiastic and I went for a few cents with him, each in a kayak in the beautiful area. I asked him whether he had contact with the dolphins and he told me that sometimes they were not really close to the people were sad and I was still there but what became loose. I wondered what I was actually doing was, nothing could cheer my mood and I was wrapped in a veil of misty thoughts. Suddenly I looked down to the beach and saw a dolphin pop out of the water to about 2 meter from the beach. I thought I was dreaming, how can it now, a dolphin so close to the beach and let my thoughts loose around here. I was tired and told the boy in my poor Spanish that I wanted to put kayaks on the beach and wanted some prefer to walk bare stretch of beach next to the jungle. No sooner said than done. When we had left our kayaks on the beach and our long beach walks, my attention was drawn to the water. At one meters from the beach, I suddenly saw a bottlenose dolphin jump from the water. I could not believe my eyes and thought by excess sun "now I'm hallucinating or something?".

The pacific ocean water is not exactly inviting to go green, dark and deep, but this dolphin was not lured me away and literally in the water, I dived into the water and have three hours he played games with me, every time I was almost upon him he dived and came at a different place to reappear until I was tired and I no longer saw him. I sat me down on the beach with my legs half in the water.

My mind drifted and I was in a deep rest. Then something beautiful: the dolphin suddenly appeared in front of me under water, knelt as if with his nose and touched my feet. His tail was 2 meter for me as a fan from the water. The boy and I witnessed this special experience. and a cry of joy reverberated over the water. It was a solo dolphin or ambassador who represents the strongest energy. It was the first time I was in the pacific ocean swim there, the waves were either too high or too deep and dark, or no beach. But now that I literally get dolphin BASED country to still water in the dark to me, and trust. I could not believe it is true. He came to me literally get me on the edge of my grief to bear.

Back in the village arrived the story went around like a fire and the occupants came a curious look or who I might be. Never was there such a thing happened was told by the residents. The next day I returned to the same beach and went looking for the location of the event. Soon I found myself in the same place and I discovered that just at this point only to the deep sea water directly. What a sync! That this dolphin and I just knew that this place sat down to rest. This is not a coincidence, but I was really been covered.

My experience in Egypte

My contacts with the Dolphins go by every experience in Egypt. It is one from His unity, coming home at the place of your heart. My intense and numerous hours with the dolphins in the water, are no longer describe.

It is like a bird that every day in your garden on a branch Sat what you looked at one days until you notice that he is not there and you discover that it sits on your shoulders. Similarly, the Dolphins always present in my heart.


Thank you dear angels of the Oceans
for all the beautiful and precious
that you have given me already.


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